The AnandTech Podcast, Episode 46: More Choice on x86

The recent discussions at AnandTech have been about the latest updates in desktop computing. We recently went live with our Ryzen 2000-series review of all four processors, and our subsequent follow up with regards how operating systems like Windows rely on timers of different accuracy to account for time passing. In this podcast we cover the details of both topics, and then discuss how Intel’s ‘Core with Radeon RX Vega’ is not a true Vega chip, but is actually built on AMD’s Polaris architecture. Finally, we comment on Intel’s recent hires from AMD’s staff, as well as a new generation of power supply components.

Outline mm:ss

00:00 Introduction
01:34 Ryzen 2nd Generation (Ryzen 2000 Series)
20:28 Ryzen 2nd Generation Timer/HPET Situation
41:46 Intel Kaby Lake G’s Vega M: Not True Vega
54:25 Intel Hires Jim Keller and Chris Hook
62:47 Corsair AX1600I 1600 W Power Supply
71:52 FIN

Edited by Gavin Bonshor

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