Made by Google Event Live Blog (Starts at 11am ET/15:00 UTC)

Continuing my whirlwind trip of New York City, today I’m here at Google’s annual “Made by Google” event. The event has become the company’s traditional venue for launching their in-house hardware, such as the Pixel phone family and various Chromebook offshoots. Doors are set to open here in a bit at 10am ET, with the presentation itself starting at 11am (15:00 UTC). To address the elephant in the room, this year’s event is a little awkward for everyone because so much about the Pixel 3 was leaked in advance – including outright hands-on articles that we published last week. So what we’re expecting to be Google’s biggest announcements have already been spoiled, though that doesn’t mean we’ve seen the whole picture.

10:57AM EDT – A few minutes to go. I’m sat next to Sascha Segan from PCMag

11:00AM EDT – Close by is Cristiano Amon and Steve Mollenkopf from Qualcomm

11:00AM EDT – Also Verizon

11:01AM EDT – Here we go

11:01AM EDT – dance beat ensues

11:02AM EDT – Enter youtubers

11:03AM EDT – Google intro video

11:04AM EDT – Rick Osterloh to the stage

11:04AM EDT – New venue, new city

11:04AM EDT – Today is all about help

11:04AM EDT – Verizon and Telus here as well

11:04AM EDT – Google 20th anniversary

11:04AM EDT – >Anandtech is older

11:04AM EDT – delivering information has always been in Google’s DNA

11:05AM EDT – making life easier for people

11:05AM EDT – constant focus on shaving milliseconds off of searches

11:05AM EDT – Designed our own servers, our own services

11:05AM EDT – Providing the most relevant search results

11:05AM EDT – finding the nuances of language and the intent of words

11:06AM EDT – Translating 143 billion words a day in 100 languages

11:06AM EDT – Speech recognition can roll out voice interactions in devices

11:06AM EDT – Lessen the pain of email responding with quick responses

11:06AM EDT – Finishing sentences as you type

11:06AM EDT – cutting back on doing work

11:07AM EDT – Mobile first with Pixel

11:07AM EDT – Google Assistant is much better at doing things for you – Duplex technology

11:07AM EDT – Making more info more accessible

11:07AM EDT – Similar with search, images

11:07AM EDT – Pixel still has a great camera, some call it the best, a year later

11:07AM EDT – Tracing the intelligence back to google search

11:07AM EDT – using google to search for images

11:08AM EDT – Spent years researching computer vision

11:08AM EDT – Getting better every year

11:08AM EDT – Putting technology to work for Google users

11:08AM EDT – Google Photos make photos accessible by search

11:08AM EDT – Smoothing out shakiness of videos

11:09AM EDT – Contextual search based on images

11:09AM EDT – Also google maps

11:09AM EDT – Pushing forward in all brands

11:09AM EDT – Intersection of AI, software, and hardware

11:10AM EDT – AI is not artificial – it helps people get things done every day

11:10AM EDT – photos, maps, smart home

11:10AM EDT – putting users first guides Google’s work

11:10AM EDT – Respect each user as an individual – a personal Google

11:10AM EDT – Google Assistant is the best expression of this

11:11AM EDT – Committed to the security of users

11:11AM EDT – Do it at the OS level with Google Play and Protect

11:11AM EDT – Google Titan Security for data centers

11:11AM EDT – New dedicated chip.

11:11AM EDT – >We covered this at Hot Chips

11:12AM EDT – users in control of their digital wellbeing

11:12AM EDT – You control devices, not devices control you

11:13AM EDT – Google Home devices are expanding into more devices and homes

11:13AM EDT – Pixel book

11:13AM EDT – quotes from reviews

11:14AM EDT – Just getting started on Pixelbook

11:14AM EDT – Recapping Pixel 2

11:14AM EDT – Continual updates on Pixel 2

11:14AM EDT – Designed worlds best camera in Pixel 3

11:15AM EDT – For life at home, power of desktop in the Pixel Slate

11:15AM EDT – Mange connceted home from Google Hoe Hub

11:15AM EDT – Google Home Hub

11:16AM EDT – >About google titan, the link:

11:17AM EDT – Incredible material progress in desing

11:17AM EDT – evolutions of applications people know and love

11:17AM EDT – Pushing how technology can be designed for today

11:17AM EDT – More than 45 design industry awards

11:18AM EDT – Video time

11:18AM EDT – Google is about being unique in form and shape

11:18AM EDT – Technology needs to be closer to its users

11:18AM EDT – osft circles and curves are familiar

11:19AM EDT – Holding google in your hand

11:19AM EDT – The home is the most important place

11:19AM EDT – Google WiFi to extended networks

11:20AM EDT – Bringing together google and Nest

11:20AM EDT – Smarthome is too complex with siloed technologies

11:20AM EDT – Shared vision of a thoughtful home

11:20AM EDT – Nest has saved over 25b kWh of energy to date

11:21AM EDT – Newest addition to the Google Home family

11:21AM EDT – Google home helps simplify the complex parts of home life

11:22AM EDT – Imagine seeing a response when you ask google home hub a question

11:22AM EDT – redesigned most of google services to give visual help

11:22AM EDT – Obsessed about the interaction and design

11:23AM EDT – Small enough to fit in any space in home, but large enough to use

11:23AM EDT – No camera embedded

11:23AM EDT – Hub can respond to the ambient lighting

11:23AM EDT – Ambient EQ

11:24AM EDT – Hub can blend into your home

11:24AM EDT – Can have multiple users as it learns how people talk separately

11:24AM EDT – Voice match

11:26AM EDT – Using voice for help with GA

11:26AM EDT – Food mode

11:26AM EDT – Youtube on hub

11:27AM EDT – instructional videos and music

11:28AM EDT – Hear and see the music brings the concert into your home

11:28AM EDT – 6 months of Youtube music on purchase

11:28AM EDT – Hub downtime mode

11:28AM EDT – Filters for family friendly content

11:29AM EDT – Control and manage devices through one interface

11:29AM EDT – Smart home hub and control panel

11:29AM EDT – Home Hub Home View

11:30AM EDT – Works with tap or voice

11:30AM EDT – Control music, lights, thermostat

11:30AM EDT – Control outside the home as well

11:31AM EDT – Taking the smart home to the next level

11:31AM EDT – 200M devices and 1000 brands work with Home View

11:32AM EDT – From full house to first lightbulb

11:32AM EDT – Hub will be the best photo frame not in use

11:32AM EDT – Deep integration with Google Photo

11:32AM EDT – 1.2b photos and videos uploaded to Google Photos every day

11:33AM EDT – Live album updates when you take pivtures

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