NVIDIA GeForce Gamescom 2018 Keynote Live Blog

11:48AM EDT – Alright, we’re getting set for what should be NVIDIA’s biggest gaming-related announcement of the year

11:48AM EDT – The press is still getting seated, so NVIDIA is probably not going to start right at 6pm local time

11:49AM EDT – For the event itself, NVIDIA CEO Jensen “The more you buy, the more you save” Huang will once again be taking the stage at this GeForce-branded event

11:49AM EDT – Formally, NVIDIA is promising “hands-on demos of the hottest upcoming games, stage presentations from the world’s biggest game developers, and some spectacular surprises” for this event

11:50AM EDT – However last week’s Quadro RTX & Turing GPU announcement makes it pretty clear what we should be expecting here: a Turing-related GeForce announcement

11:51AM EDT – Adding fuel to the fire, the moment NVIDIA informed board partners and retailers about the upcoming products, they all started leaking like sieves

11:51AM EDT – So either this will turn out to be a masterful play at subterfuge, or everything you’ve heard over the last 72 hours is true

11:53AM EDT – Either way, it’s clear that we should be expecting a more gaming-focused take on the new Turing hardware, including some (but not a ton) of architectural information about what makes Turing faster for gaming, and information on Turing-powered GeForce cards

11:54AM EDT – And until the presentation kicks off, you can read our first Turing article here: https://www.anandtech.com/show/13214/nvidia-reveals-next-gen-turing-gpu-architecture

11:55AM EDT – The one Turing chip we’ve seen so far, which is powering the first Quadro RTX cards, is absolutely massivee. 754mm2

11:55AM EDT – Gamers will need something a bit smaller – and therefore more affordable – so I’m expecting to see at least one more Turing GPU announced today

11:57AM EDT – The follow-up question to that being just how many Tensor and RT cores make it into the smaller GPUs

11:58AM EDT – They don’t directly contribute to tranditional rendering, however NVIDIA is trying to push an entire paradigm change here with ray tracing and neural networks

11:59AM EDT – So it becomes a question of whether NVIDIA is willing to eat larger die sizes to include them in numbers large enough what they’re useful on this generation of hardware, or play it safe and include only small numbers of cores, essentially as a hardware compatibility mechanism for developers, with eyes on actual use in the next generation of products

12:01PM EDT – Meanwhile, the 12nm process NVIDIA has used for at least the largest Turing GPU is not a full node’s improvement over the 16nm process used on Pascal

12:01PM EDT – So NVIDIA doesn’t get a full generation’s density improvements

12:03PM EDT – Of course, the last time NVIDIA was in this situation, we got Maxwell, which was an absolutely amazing GPU architecture

12:04PM EDT – So I’m not going to underestimate NVIDIA here

12:04PM EDT – We’re now past 6pm local, and the event still hasn’t kicked off yet

12:04PM EDT – Nate has just taken a seat (Nate, please give it back when you’re done)

12:05PM EDT – For thsoe of you that want to watch it live, NVIDIA is livestreaming this on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/nvidia

12:06PM EDT – NVIDIA, being the masters of hype, have been heavily promoting this event for the past week as well

12:08PM EDT – So if the flashy venue hasn’t already made it clear: at the end of the day, NVIDIA is in the business of selling gamers GPUs

12:10PM EDT – Speaking off the cuff here, it really feels like NVIDIA is pulling from Microsoft’s Xbox playbook this year. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not

12:11PM EDT – After an hour or so of milling around outside, we’re in! We’ve not been given wifi credentials, but thanks to our Tom’s Hardware colleague Igor we’re up and running

12:12PM EDT – Not much going on at the moment, just the music pumping

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