Who can afford Apple phones in junior high school? What kind of students are they?

I believe everyone has also discovered that the average income level of Chinese has now increased significantly. At least there were some things that I couldn’t afford before, and now I can easily get started. For example, Apple mobile phones

The first Snapdragon 865 processor, Xiaomi Mi 10 is suspected of passing 3C certification, equipped with 100 million pixel main lens

Earlier, it was rumored that Xiaomi will release the flagship mobile phone Xiaomi 10 equipped with the Snapdragon 865 processor at MWC 2020. Recently, a suspected Xiaomi 10 phone appeared on the domestic 3C Internet. It is understood that the

Huawei P40 Great God’s homemade renderings exposed, four curved screens + 5 rear cameras

Recently, there has been a lot of information about the Huawei P40, but the lack of a spy photo gives everyone a simple and intuitive experience. Therefore, foreign sources revealed that 9TechEleven and Rodent950 created a Huawei P40 rendering based

Mass-produced AI voice chip shipments reached one million in less than a year! Discover the secrets of a sensational market

In March of this year, Lei Feng.com “Abandoning the Feng Neumann architecture to break through the bottleneck of the memory wall AI chip, is about to hit the market? The article “Introduces Multiple Paths to the Challenge of AI Chip

Samsung Galaxy S11 series three exposure: 6.2-inch proportion increased again

Regardless of whether it is S11 or S20, the name is secondary to Samsung’s flagship, and its shape, configuration and price are more important to consumers. Recently, some accessories companies exposed the three toughened films of Samsung S11 series. The

Huawei P40 Pro renderings, tempered film exposure: rear matrix five cameras

Recently, the exposure of Huawei’s P40 series has continued, and Huawei’s officials also let out the wind from time to time to appetite. Today, a partial rendering of the back and the physical appearance of the toughened film appeared on