U.S. FCC approves Apple to ship Mac Pro tower and rack-mount versions

The US Federal Communications Commission has conducted a comprehensive review of Apple Mac Pro, and both tower and server versions of Mac workstations have passed regulatory inspections of radiofrequency emissions. The new Mac Pro was originally released as a tower

Is it really advisable to remove the “true wireless” iPhone from all interfaces?

Tianfeng Securities analyst Guo Mingying released the latest forecast yesterday that Apple plans to cancel any interface on high-end models in 2021 and use wireless instead. In other words, the high-end iPhone has neither a lighting interface nor a type-c

The next explosion of iPhone 6, analysis agency: Apple iPhone 11S / SE2 welcomes a large-scale replacement

Earlier, according to the Taiwan Electronic Times, citing unnamed Apple supply chain sources, reported that Apple is expected to launch three new iPhones (or iPhone 11S series) in the second half of 2020, with total shipments from Q3 2020 to

The iPhone 12 Pro has been exposed with “anti-sky” configuration: no bangs / 3 photos after 100mp

Just now, @hasan Kaymak revealed a rendering of the “super version” of apple’s iPhone 12 Pro, showing a 6.7-inch, bang-free screen with a bottom USB-c and a 108-megapixel rear camera, plus a Macro camera and a 3D ToF lens. @hasan

Getting started with AirUnleashed: Imperfect AirPower imitator

On the morning of December 2nd, after several twists and turns, Apple had to cancel the AirPower product. But in fact, many third-party companies have taken the idea of ​​charging multiple devices together. After Apple’s efforts failed, they have made