What are the differences between the new AirPods Pro and AirPods? You’ll see

Apple last night unveiled the long-rumored new AirPods Pro headphones, which feature a new in-ear design, active noise reduction and excellent immersive sound quality. The AirPods Pro has become apple’s most feature-rich headset to date. So what are the differences

Second-hand mobile phones, clothes, appliances, which sell well in Africa?

With advances in information technology and human transportation networks, no continent is a mystery. In the past 30 years, European and American countries have rapidly promoted their own brands, customs, life concepts and culture to the whole world. Over the

Tim Cook was appointed chairman of the advisory committee of the school of economics and management of tsinghua university

The 2019 meeting of the advisory committee of tsinghua university’s school of economics and management was held in tsinghua university on the morning of Oct. 18, the 20th annual meeting of the committee since its establishment. A total of 35