iPad comparison How to choose a student party for online classes at home?

Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, students in most parts of the country are not yet able to start school, and daily online classes at home become students’ daily routine. Apple iPad can be said to be a good tool for most students to take online lessons. Whether it is taking notes or checking information, it is far more efficient than mobile phones. Today, we will conduct a comparative analysis specifically for Apple’s iPad. We will select several iPads that are most suitable for the Student Party, and give shopping suggestions and precautions.
01 Comparison of several apples, which one is more suitable for you

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iPad 2019

As the most common category in the iPad category, the biggest advantage of the iPad 2019 is its low price. Reasonable pricing allows many people to get started and experience the iPad ecosystem. It is very suitable for users with insufficient budget. Why do you say that?
In September 2019, the iPad 2019 was launched in the main education market. It is equipped with a 10.2-inch retina display with a resolution of 2160×1620 and is equipped with 3GB of memory. The A10 processor is still able to run most applications perfectly, plus The smoothness of iPad OS, of course, the most important point is that iPad 2019 supports the Apple Pencil stylus. For student parties, common operations such as taking notes and drawing will become more convenient.
One thing to note is that the iPad 2019 only has 32GB and 128GB to choose from, and it is now 2020. For most users, 32GB memory is indeed not enough. The 128GB version is obviously more suitable, and the price of third-party platforms is around 3,000 yuan… In a word, for a student party with a limited budget, this iPad 2019 has an advantage in price and is suitable for starting, but if your demand is high, we will continue to look down.

iPad Air 3

In March 2019, Apple launched the new iPad Air (third generation), which is equipped with a 10.5-inch retina display and uses full-fit screen technology with a resolution of 2224 × 1668. The screen pixel density is still 264ppi, and the highest brightness is Up to 500 nits and the screen supports the original color display.
The biggest highlight of the new iPad Air 3 is that it is equipped with the same A12 processor on the Apple iPhone Xs Max, supports the first-generation Apple Pencil stylus, and is upgraded to Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Others such as the Lightning interface and Touch ID fingerprint recognition have not changed.
Compared to the iPad Pro series, the iPad Air 3 is a very cost-effective machine today. It can be understood as an iPad Pro without a 120 refresh rate. The A12 processor has powerful performance, especially in terms of graphics processing power and power consumption control. Compared with the A10 chip on the iPad 2019, it is much stronger. It can not only play mainstream 3D games but also be more than adequate for daily learning and work. At least for the next 2-3 years, you don’t have to worry about the performance of this processor falling behind.
The iPad Air 3 is much cheaper than the iPad Pro, and it is more cost-effective for users who have a relatively large budget and higher demand. At present, the iPad Air 3 is only available in 64GB and 256GB. If you do n’t download large games, you can use 64GB in online lessons. If you have high storage requirements and ample budget, 256GB is more worthy of choice.

iPad Pro 10.5 inches

The 10.5-inch iPad Pro was released as early as 2017, but the screen, performance and other aspects are not behind. It is equipped with A10X processor, GPU performance is powerful, and even now it can compete with A12. Of course, this is not its biggest advantage. Its first 120Hz refresh rate screen is its killer, which is also Apple’s first iPad equipped with a 120Hz refresh rate screen.
10.5-inch screen size, using full lamination technology, 2224×1668 pixel resolution, support for original color display. The 120Hz refresh rate has a very smooth experience whether it is writing, drawing, or daily web browsing. Excellent performance made it a popular model at the time, but because the listing time is relatively early, the official website is no longer on sale. Interested friends Can only be selected from third-party platforms.

iPad Pro 2018 11 inch

In October 2018, Apple launched the iPad Pro 2018 at the autumn new product launch, including 11-inch and 12.9-inch versions. Before the iPad Pro 2020 did not come out, the iPad Pro 2018 was the strongest iPad in history because of its design, Screen and performance have been upgraded in all directions.
The iPad Pro 2018 uses a full-screen design with four-sided bezels, which makes the overall appearance more rigid. Because of the full-screen design, the Touch ID fingerprint recognition is canceled and the 3D structured light face recognition technology is used. The screen uses the Liquid retina display. , Support P3 wide color gamut. The rear 12-megapixel camera captures 4K video and augmented reality experiences.
Here we should particularly point out its performance. The iPad Pro 2018 is equipped with an A12X Bionic chip and uses an 8-core architecture design. Its single-core performance is 35% higher than the previous generation, and multi-core performance is up to 90%. The A12X processor has 10 billion transistors, an 8-core CPU + a 7-core GPU, and its comprehensive performance now exceeds Apple’s A13 chip.
In short, if this iPad is not only easy to handle the task of learning, if your major requires high design, then it is one of the best productivity tools. However, the iPad Pro 2020 has been released and the price is more attractive. Naturally, this product is officially delisted. Considering third-party platforms such as Taobao / Pinduoduo, and some merchants are selling at low prices, interested users can take action. Already.

iPad Pro 2020

Recently, Apple has launched the latest iPad Pro 2020 online. The upgrade points are mainly focused on performance and camera. First of all, the new iPad Pro is equipped with an A12Z bionic processor. The A12Z processor is actually the same as the A12X at the chip level. The main difference is that the A12Z chip has a hidden eighth GPU core, which has an eight-core CPU and an eight-core GPU. , Graphics performance has improved.
As for the camera, the new iPad Pro has a 7-megapixel front lens, a 12-megapixel wide-angle main camera, a 10-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, and a lidar scanner. The latter can detect objects within a range of 5 meters. In addition, the new iPad Pro is equipped with a smart keyboard with a touchpad and a studio-grade microphone.
In terms of price, the 11-inch version starts at 6299 yuan, and the 12.9-inch version starts at 7899 yuan. Compared with the previous generation, the price can be said to increase without increasing the price, but for the general student party, compared to other iPads, the price is still It is relatively high, if it is only for online courses, it is obviously not the best choice (local tyrants are free). If there are other professional needs, with official accessories, I believe this iPad can bring a different improvement to their work and study.

02 Purchase suggestions and precautions

Is it appropriate for the mini-series with a smaller screen to learn online?
Many people will ask if the iPad mini 5 is suitable for taking notes and studying online. It is not recommended here. After all, iPads have different positioning. Although the iPad mini 5 is equipped with a powerful A12 processor and a screen resolution of 2048×1536, the price is relatively low, but the 7.9-inch screen is still too small.
Internet class at home, taking notes, staring at the screen for a long time will be very tired, because the iPad mini 5 itself locates game entertainment, many netizens also call it the strongest game console on the surface. It is recommended only for reference. The iPad mini 5 also supports the Apple Pencil stylus. Taking notes in online classes is a bit small (compared to ordinary mobile phones, the screen is still relatively large), but if you like the small screen, the iPad mini 5 is not. The problem, after all, is low price, strong performance, and easy to carry.
Is it enough to choose between 32GB and 64GB?
For friends with insufficient budget, is it enough to choose between 32GB and 64GB? It is not recommended to choose 32GB. As a person, the fear of being dominated by “insufficient memory” is fresh. In fact, by analogy with mobile phones, we can understand that the iPad is not a one-time product. It is not a problem to use for many years. In the end, you decide whether to change or not. The lack of storage will account for most of the reasons. The small storage version is fine! The 64GB version is the minimum storage standard to start with, which is enough for learning.
If you have less iPad storage, we recommend:
1. All photos are stored in the cloud and automatically synced to iCloud. Here you can set “Optimize iPad storage space” in the album so that photos will be stored on the iPad in a low-resolution version, which can save a lot of space. Of course, clever use of other software such as Baidu Cloud Web Disk is also possible.
2. The iPad OS update brings support for external hard disks, which allows the iPad to connect external hard disks and SD card readers, and of course, U disks are also available. When you purchase an adapter or a USB flash drive with a Lightning interface, you can browse files by reading the USB flash drive, which can reduce the pressure of storing files.
Space can be saved, and friends with ample budgets are advised to purchase versions above 128GB. After all, the application size will continue to increase with time, and larger storage space can ensure the smooth operation of the device. In other respects, the student party can choose the ordinary WiFi version. Cellular data is not only more expensive, but it is not necessary for non-business trips.

Write at the end

Under normal circumstances, the student party chooses the iPad 2019 is more cost-effective, the price is close to the people will not cause much pressure, the smooth use of 2 to 3 is no problem. If you have higher professional needs and ample budget, you can choose from iPad Air 3 and iPad Pro series. In addition, the main task of the Student Party is to learn. Considering online lessons and note-taking, Apple Pencil can be said to be a must-have product for the Student Party. With a keyboard, the efficiency can be doubled.
In terms of channel selection, Apple’s official website has sufficient supplies and the most reliable after-sales. Other third-party platforms like Tmall, JD.com, and Pinduoduo billion subsidize these channels. IPad guarantees that there are no problems with genuine products, and the price is more cost-effective. In short, the iPad as a productivity tool is a good tool for learning. To avoid “productivity before buying, iQiyi after buying” also depends on personal consciousness. https://www.i-simu.com/

iPhone 9 supporting protective case landing on foreign e-commerce platforms, or officially released on April 5

News on March 31, recently, retailers such as Best Buy have begun to purchase a new iPhone case, and also revealed the real shot of the phone case, suspected to be iPhone 9’s supporting phone case.

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From the outer packaging of the phone case, we can clearly see the words “new 4.7-inch iPhone, 2020”. In addition, recently, some online retailers’ platforms have found relevant advertisements popping up. This situation generally occurs only when new devices are released.
However, retailers such as Best Buy have also been notified: Do not sell these items before April 5. From the point of view of time, it will be a little hasty to release this new product next Sunday, but this may also mean that the new low-cost iPhone conference or official announcement, maybe the new iPhone will be officially released on April 5…
Earlier, there were many speculations about the shape, configuration and price of Apple ’s low-cost iPhone (iPhone9 or iPhone SE2). The appearance of this phone case (from the appearance of the opening) can at least be determined. The new iPhone is only equipped with a single camera, which is the same as the Internet transmission.
According to the previous news, the widely popular “iPhone 9” is the long-awaited “low-cost iPhone”. From the appearance of other pictures on the Internet, the appearance is almost the same as the iPhone 8, but the frosted glass The back cover is similar to the surface of the iPhone 11 Pro.
The internal configuration uses the latest A13 processor (3GB memory) of the iPhone 11 generation. At the same time, elements such as Touch ID fingerprint recognition and a 4.7-inch screen have been retained, and the performance is basically the same as the current flagship. There are also rumors that Apple will develop the “iPhone9 Plus” with a larger 5.5-inch display.
As for the selling price, it is estimated that it will start from $ 399.  iSimu reminds you more information about iPhones, please follow the iSimu refurbished iPhones platform blog.

Samsung accidentally exposed a full-screen new machine in air-conditioning ads

As planned, Samsung launched the Galaxy S20 series smartphones in March and plans to release new Note 20 series products this summer. Interestingly, in a recent air-conditioning advertising video, the company seemed to accidentally expose a new full-screen phone. When the screen transitions to the 55th second, you will find that the model is holding a mobile device without bangs or punching front cameras.

In fact, as early as a few days ago, Dutch technology blog LetsGoDigital has teamed up with YouTube creator Concept Creator to give a rendering of the Galaxy Note 20 series smartphone concept design.
Unsurprisingly, its design is not much different from the Galaxy S20 series. However, judging from this advertisement video, the full-screen new machine flashed in the picture actually made us more excited.
The ad video was titled “ New Windless Air Conditioning, ” during which the company demonstrated how to interact with SmartThings devices from its own smartphone.
Surprisingly, we did not see the familiar Galaxy S20 or Note 10, but a new camera without a notch and a punch-screen front camera.
There are obviously many different explanations for this mysterious new machine. For example, the model audience may not be holding a real device, but the design team made it precisely for the advertising program (after all, it is air conditioning, not mobile advertising). ).
Of course, the company may have unintentionally exposed the new design of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra flagship smartphone that will be released this summer. As for how the truth is, there is still time to test. iSimu reminds you more information on refurbished Samsung, please follow the iSimu blog.

Apple requires developers to use iOS 13 SDK for development

Recently, Apple has extended the deadline to require iPhone or iPad applications to be built using the iOS 13 or later SDK and use Xcode scripts to provide the application’s splash screen.

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Apple currently requires developers to meet the following requirements before June 30, 2020:
The iPhone app must support all iPhone screen resolutions, and all iPad apps must support all iPad screens.
Apple Watch apps must be built using watchOS 6 SDK or higher.
App Store Development Guide 4.8 requires that applications that support authentication or setting up a user account must support Sign in with Apple.
Kids apps must fully comply with 1.3 and 5.1.4 of the App Store Review Guidelines guidelines.
Applications using HTML5 must fully comply with sections 4, 5, and 6 of Guideline 4.7, “App Store Review Guidelines”.
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Apple allows applications to push ads, users will face advertising bombardment, what do you think?

The reason why Apple’s mobile phone is prosperous, no matter how high the price is, it can trigger a buying spree, the biggest reason is its unique IOS system.
The openness and inclusiveness of the Android system makes it very weak in the management and control of various types of software. A lot of advertisements and junk information are often embedded in the system software, which not only affects the use, but also may be unable to uninstall, maliciously attract fees, and waste traffic. And even stealing privacy and other issues. The IOS system is just the opposite. Its closedness greatly improves the safety factor of Apple’s mobile phones, which largely eliminates advertising harassment.
Recently, however, users who have been attracted by the closed nature of the IOS system are disappointed. According to 9to5mac, Apple has recently updated the App Store review guidelines, adding a series of regulations related to the new features of IOS 13. One of the most striking is “the system allows companies to push notifications to users of the IOS 13 system for marketing purposes.”
Keep in mind that Apple ’s restrictions on push notifications have been strict, and apps have been explicitly barred from using notifications for advertising, promotions, or direct marketing. The sudden lifting of the ban has opened the door to advertising marketing for various software, which inevitably makes the majority of Apple product users feel depressed.
We all know how popular the iPhone and iPad products are. Just looking at last year, iPhone XR sales reached 46.3 million units, and iPhone 11 also sold 37.3 million units. Apple states that 77% of all Apple devices shipped in the past four years are running the latest version of iOS 13. With so many Apple users, after opening the device panel, they will frequently receive various notifications and various advertisements. This scenario is unpleasant just to imagine.
In this regard, many netizens expressed concern that if the IOS system, like the Android system, would face the bombing of advertising content, the advantages of Apple products compared to Android devices would be greatly weakened. After the user experience is affected, why can consumers be more loyal to iPhones that are much more expensive than Android phones?
Apple apparently anticipated this too. For human considerations, Apple gave consumers the right to choose freely. When “the user explicitly chooses to receive advertising notifications”, the application can use ad push for marketing, and the developer must provide the option to turn off such notifications in the application. If the user refuses to receive such advertising notifications, they only need to turn off all notifications in the background, and such advertising marketing will be blocked by the system.
In this updated App Store review guide, Apple also emphasizes that it will strictly review fortune-telling, flashlight, dating and other applications. It is reported that this is because certain types of applications are approaching saturation. In order to prevent the accumulation of similar application software, Apple will screen the fittest and the poor, and apps that cannot provide a unique and high-quality experience will be rejected. More about Apple iPhone news Click on iSimu refurbished iPhone 6.

It is reported that Apple AR glasses will be released as soon as 2022

According to DigiTimes, rumored Apple augmented reality AR glasses are under development and will be released as soon as 2022. Last November, information from The Information stated that Apple is developing two headsets, including a headset that combines AR and VR capabilities, and AR glasses.
AR / VR helmets will be released in 2022, while AR glasses will wait until 2023. Subsequently, Bloomberg Mark Gurman also confirmed the news. The report states that Apple plans to reach out to third-party developers by 2021 and encourage them to develop applications for AR glasses.
Pictures from MacX, please contact to delete if there is any infringement. iSimu reminds you more information about iPhones, please follow the iSimu refurbished iPhones platform blog.

Samsung internal code leaked: Note 20, Fold 2 core configuration exposed

According to GSMArena, Samsung recently released the core code of this series of products on the network after it released the new Galaxy S20 series. Through analysis of the source code, foreign media XDA found information about the configuration of the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Fold 2.
From the code point of view, Samsung is currently developing three new projects, including XYZ, Canvas and Winner2. The XYZ project represents the currently released Samsung Galaxy S20 series. The codes of the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 +, and Galaxy S20 Ultra are X1, Y2, and Z3, respectively. The Canvas project is likely to represent the Galaxy Note 20 series. Currently, only “C2” devices are shown in the code, which may mean that the series will also have two versions, C0 and C1.
In addition, the Winner2 project points to Samsung’s next folding product, the Galaxy Fold 2. Because the project code of the first generation Galaxy Fold is “Winner”, it is very likely that Galaxy Fold 2 will continue to use Winner2 for naming.
It is worth noting that the “Kona” message also appears in the core code of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. The “Kona” code points out several devices that will use the Snapdragon 865 processor, including the Galaxy Note 20 series and the Galaxy Fold 2 This information means that these two new products have not yet been released or will be equipped with the Snapdragon 865 chip. At present, the official has not announced the specific details of the new machine, the above information is speculated by the technical staff, the specific details require our patience. iSimu reminds you more information on refurbished Samsung, please follow the iSimu blog.

Apple’s official website opens purchase restrictions

According to netizen submissions, Apple’s official website has opened purchase restrictions, and each person is limited to two iPhones. Checking Apple’s official website found that models including the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone XR are limited to two per person, and AirPods Pro is also limited to two per person.

According to iSimu’s used mobile phone platform, iPad, Apple Watch and MacBook are currently not restricted to purchase on Apple’s official website.

Earlier, the latest data released by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology showed that domestic shipments of Apple iPhones in February this year were less than 500,000, a 60% decline compared to the same period last year. Affected by the new crown virus epidemic, in February this year, all Apple Stores in the Chinese mainland, Apple Store, were closed for at least two weeks.

At present, Apple and its supply chain companies are actively pushing business back to normal. Foxconn, Apple ’s largest assembly plant for iPhones, has stated that it is expected to restore production capacity by the end of March.

Huawei P40 Pro configuration exposure: Kirin 990 5G chip, five cameras worth looking forward to

Earlier, Huawei announced that the P40 series will be released online on March 26. Recently, the new Huawei P40 Pro appeared on the Geekbench running website. It can be confirmed that it is equipped with Kirin 990 5G chip, and its performance is very powerful. As Huawei’s new year’s flagship, the main upgrade of the P40 series should be in the camera.
From the information of Geekbench, Huawei P40 Pro has a single-core score of 776, a multi-core score of 3182 (engineering machine has errors), 8GB of memory, and running Android 10 system. In terms of body design, it is reported that the P40 Pro uses a dual-hole full-screen display, and is equipped with five cameras on the back. The design style of the whole machine is relatively round, with curved glass on the front and back.
In terms of taking pictures, it is reported that the P40 Pro has a 52-megapixel main camera, 1 / 1.3 inches, and supports Quad Quad Bayer technology; it also has a periscope telephoto lens that supports 10x optical zoom. In addition, the machine will also use screen fingerprint technology, and support IP68 dust and water resistance; the battery capacity may be about 5500mAh, supporting 50W fast charging and 27W wireless fast charging. used iPhone 6 price in Kenya

France’s competition regulator will impose the first-class on apple next Monday

France’s directorate popular for opposition, consumption and fraud (DGCCRF) will excellent apple next Monday for anti-aggressive practices in its distribution and income networks, two assets acquainted with the matter stated on Thursday. One of the sources said the regulator could make a selection on the problem on Monday, but the two sources did no longer intricate similarly on the dimensions or content material of the quality.
On account that her appointment as head of France’s opposition agency, Isabelle De Silva has set her attractions on us tech giants along with Alphabet’s Google, imposing a €150m ($167m) quality on Google for its opaque advertising policies.
In its ultra-modern annual document, apple stated the French regulator had accused it of violating French opposition regulation with sure factors of its income and distribution practices, which the business enterprise denies.
France’s opposition organization stated earlier this yr that Apple had agreed to pay a 25 million euro ($28 million) excellent for failing to inform iPhone users that upgrading the working gadget ought to degrade their phones. used iPhone 6 price in Kenya